Magician Marriage Proposal

If you want to surprise your girlfriend in a public setting with a creative proposal but maybe a flash mob is not quite your thing; no worries, you can always choose to use a magician to help you out. One of the great things about using a magician to help you with your marriage proposal is that they are masters of show.  So if you lack a flair for the dramatic, then they are a perfect choice to help boost the excitement of her special day.  They are also fantastic at making their audience antsy with anticipation as they silently guess what is going to happen.  This is exactly how you want your lady to feel when you propose.

At first when I thought of this one, I was primarily focused on a Penn & Teller type of proposal where you would take her to a magic show and have them call her on stage as a helper.  But after Bekah sent me the below video, I realized the world was your stage and you can use a street magician just the same.  Plus you get to save on the tickets.  🙂

Setting this one up is pretty straightforward I would think.  Your first step is to contact a magician in your area.  It doesn’t have to be David Blaine or anything like that, just someone local.  A quick google or bing search will help you there.  If you live out in the dunk somewhere, just find someone who is in the closest city to you.  Chances are if your are going to do this publicly, then you are not doing it in your small town anyway.  If you watched the above video you can pretty much figure out the questions to ask…including how much he will charge.

Once you have decided to go for it, you will want to figure out a place to do it and how to get her there.  You can do it during a festival.  Our town has a blues and bbq festival every year that would be a great place to do this.  A street magician would not seem out of place and there would be no suspicion if several of your friends just happened to be there.  What is even cooler about this one is that it is in the city center and you could do it in the middle of a main intersection.

You could also do it at a fair or just in the middle of a very busy place like Faneuil Hall or Times Square (this guy didn’t even need a magician).  You just have to think about it a little to figure it out.  Want some help finding a place?  Email us and we will see if we can help you find a place close to you.

Just because I started off thinking of doing it at a magic show, I’ll go ahead and put it in here as well.  The basics here are the same as the street magician, only you are going to be in a more confined space and may have to work a little harder at getting a magician to let you use his or her show.   As they say, fortune favors the bold and you will never know what it takes until you start making phone calls.  If you live in or are visiting Vegas, this may be a little easier since there are shows that are constantly playing.  If not, you may have to wait for a show to come to your area.

Just pick up the phone and call them to see if they can accommodate your request.  It may cost you some money, but asking is the only way to know.  I am sure that is what this guy did.

The magician will be able to help you with the best way to do it.  Whether it is sawing her in half, making her disappear (keep his card, you may want him to do that after you are married), or just doing like the video showed; there are many ways to do it and you may need to let them take the lead.

Just a note.  Call me paranoid, but if you are going to let some strange man have your engagement ring, you may want to have a buddy keep an eye on him until you do your thing.

Do you want to try this creative proposal idea and want some tips to help you pull it off? Email us and we will do what we can to help.

While you are in a romantic mood, take a moment and send her a bouquet of flowers to her work. There will be magic in the air for you later that night.


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