Game Night Marriage Proposal

One great way to pull off a creative marriage proposal is to plan it around a game night.  This is perfect for those introverted couples who spend a lot of time together at home or if you want to propose to your lady around a close group of friends.  You can do something very simple or make it as elaborate as you want.  The great part about this proposal idea is that there is very little preparation that is needed to pull it off.

One easy way to do this creative proposal idea is to ask her if she wants to stay in and do a game night one weekend.  You can ask family / friends over or do it alone.  Either one you choose, you can do this proposal with very little advanced planning and notice needed to do it.  You don’t need to have a foul weather plan or anything like that.  In its simplest version, you just have some drinks and snacks to celebrate game night with.  While this is great, if you have read many of my proposal ideas, you know it can be done up a little more.

While this creative proposal idea seems like a very simple one, the real fun lies in the details.  We will skip the actual game selection for now, because that should be the easy part of this creative proposal idea.  For this post, we will flip things around and focus on the evening before the actual proposal.  As I mentioned before, you can create a game night with simple drinks and snacks; but this is the most important night you will plan, so you should recognize that and amp up the food a little bit.  I am not saying you should have Guy Fieri come make the snacks for you, but I am saying you should put some Food Network level effort into it.  That does not mean you have to be the best cook in the world.  This simply means that you need to put some thought and effort into it.

As an example, when I have friends over for UFC fights or Jameson throwdown nights we decide beforehand what the food theme for the night is.  One time it was bacon, where everything had to be made with bacon.  One night it was stuffed, where everything had to be stuffed in something (peppers, tomatoes, potato skins, etc).  If I were going to propose to Bekah during a game night, I would probably choose foods that either made sense for weddings or something that is very personal to us.  We love a tapas place locally called Mojitos so I would try to make items that we love from their menu.  You have to know your girlfriend enough to know what to choose.  Should you try to recreate Mojitos items yourself or should you just go buy a bunch of it and put it on the table?  These are questions you have to ask yourself.  Personally I feel that the gifts you put a loving effort into are the winners, so I would make them.  The choice is yours.

Check out a great list of wedding appetizer foods here.  I listed appetizers since it is game night and those types of foods are the best choices for that type of social gathering.  You also can’t go wrong with something like Danish Wedding Cookies as a dessert.  That is a fun one.

Let’s talk about games.  Just as the food you choose should be very personal, so should the game(s) you choose.  I’ll rattle off a few thoughts for you below.  You can certainly have as much fun here as you can be creative.  Obviously if you struggle with being creative, feel free to reach out to your friends, or email me and we can bounce some ideas off of each other.

Pictionary marriage proposalPictionary / Win Lose or Draw:  Obviously you will need a group of people for this one.  What you can do is text each person a list of words that they are going to draw regardless of what the card says that they draw.  Since people are always on their phone, it won’t be weird for everyone to be on the phone between turns.  How awesome would it be if her or your Mom drew a wedding cake, her or your Dad draws a chapel, your best friend draws a wedding dress, her best friend draws a bow tie, etc?  After a few rounds of this, with everyone drawing wedding themed things except for her, your turn comes back up.  On your turn, you have to draw an engagement ring.  Everyone can guess everything except engagement ring (if she is not on your team, this works even better).  Since your team missed it, her team gets to steal it.  Her partner can play dumb and make her guess it.  At some point you get down on one knee and ask if this clue helps.  You can also do this while you are drawing to “help” your team guess the correct answer.  Another variation of this would be to have everyone draw something that is special to the two of you.  Very similar to what I did with the Phase 10 scavenger hunt I sent Bekah on.  Examples would be to draw your where you met, your first date, etc.

Charades marriage proposalCharades:  You can do the same type of thing for Charades as for Pictionary.  Everyone chooses wedding themed words.  For even more fun, you can have someone act like they are walking her down the aisle, have someone have to sing the wedding march song, etc.  You can do this as long as she can stand it.  If your girlfriend has been waiting as long as Bekah did, she will catch on at some point and be ready to explode by the time you get to pop the question to her.  Now that I type this one out, I think Charades may be the best choice for a game night marriage proposal.  Charades is another game where you can act out the places and things that are special to the two of you.

Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity:  If you are a “horrible person”, then this game is awesome.  What makes this one interesting is that this game and marriage proposals do not exactly go hand in hand.  If you have played it, you know what I am talking about.  If you have never played it before, you should at least once…just don’t make the first time you proposal night.  If you choose to use Cards Against Humanity as your game, they have an absolutely awesome feature where you can download and print their cards.  Obviously you can mimic the size and make some of your own as well.

Apples to ApplesIf Cards Against Humanity is not your thing, then perhaps Apples to Apples is a more suitable alternative game for you to use for your game night.  The same principles apply here.  You can have the reader each time choose a word that has something to do with a wedding that causes you to win every time…except when she is the reader of course.  This one is a little tougher since printing these cards would not match the rest of the deck.  But you can always make it happen if you really want to.

There are probably a dozen other types of these games on the market for you to use for your game night creative proposal idea.  If this is not your thing, then there are other ways using traditional board games that you can choose.  Some of the more popular ones have options where you can customize them just for your occasion.

Scrabble Marriage Propoal IdeaScrabble is a very traditional game and it is great for game nights.  You can play it with two people or a group.  Cafepress has a wonderful option for customizing the well known game board.  Check it out if you two love to play this fantastic word game and you want to make a very special version of it just for you two.  If you are really snazzy, you can have it framed after the big night.  It can be done very creatively.

Monopoly Marriage ProposalMonopoly is another very traditional game that has customizing options at Cafepress.  It can turn an otherwise very long game into something exciting for her.  Many people do not like to play the game because it lasts so long, and if she is one of those, you can “ruin” game night for her by forcing her to play it only to make it the best game night ever.  Again, this one is a great framing opportunity so you can display how awesome you are to all who enter your home.

Let’s say board games aren’t your thing and you want to play cards instead.  There is a solution for you as well.  You can make a custom set of playing cards to use for your deck.  There are not a ton of customization options for using playing cards, but simply putting her favorite picture of you two on the backs of the cards may be just what you need to do to make the game special.  I am not a huge fan of this one for a proposal.  I am more a fan of using the playing cards for gifts as opposed to the proposal.  It would be different if you could change each card to be different, like if you could have the letters of your names and “will you marry me” on individual cards.

While you are planning your big game night marriage proposal, send a bouquet of flowers to her at work tomorrow. Or even better, how about and arrangement from Shari’s Berries? They are the best!

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