Increase Your Romantic Output for Five Bucks

Hey there.  Here is a quick tip for becoming more romantic.  It has been hiding in plain sight all of your life.  Buy a pack of Post It notes.  By doing so, you have just made the first step in being like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman.  All you have to do now is simply write something nice on one every once in a while and leave it in a place where she will see it when you are not around.

Here are some tips of places to put them.

I Love You NoteHer blender bottle in the fridge.
Make her lunch and put it in the box.
Her bathroom mirror.
Her steering wheel.
Her make up case.
Her shower handle.
Her phone case.
Inside one of her shoes.
On the tv.
Inside the lid of her laptop.

And some fun things to write on them.

Smiley Post ItA smiley face.
I love you.
You are beautiful.
Have a Great Day/Night.
I miss seeing you.
I’m sorry. (try not to use this one too much)
Draw her a picture.
A time and address (for the date you planned)
A movie quote from a chick flick.
An inside joke between you two.

Leave us a comment below if you have any other ideas for places to leave the notes or something to write on them.

Hopefully you have not rushed out to buy your pack of Post Its before reading this far.  There is always more to think about.  You certainly don’t want to go out and get the simple 3×3 pale yellow ones.  You want to get something a little more fun.  They come in all shapes and sizes, so you want to take a few extra minutes to get something you will have fun with.  Check this out so you can see several types.  At the time of this post, there is a set of them that are in animal head and body shapes.  They also have some fun shapes you can use.  Just remember when you buy them that you are going to get about a gazillion of them, so you want them to be ones you can use for a long time.

With that said, the true substance is what you write on the Post Its.  Perhaps you want to get some simple notes so your writing is the star of the show.  The ones seen here are some that I would choose to use.  Bright colors are fun and you want your notes to be fun for sure.

You know I am not one to just go the most simple route.  I found some really cool ones you can customize to say whatever you want.  They are surprisingly inexpensive, especially for all the great feelings they will give her.

If you do this, then you can mention to her that it would be cool to have something done for the party favors at the reception.  They have a wedding section you can show her.  Not only are they cool ideas, but she (and you) will have a cool story to tell everyone about why you chose them.  You know how it goes…”He puts a new on out for me somewhere I can find it.  They always brighten my day”.

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