Palace of Versailles Hotel

I will start this one off with a confession. It really isn’t a secret to anyone who knows me, but for those of you who don’t…I am petrified of flying. Before you say anything; yes I have flown before, yes I am aware of the statistics, and yes it is an irrational fear. With all that said, I would not pull this one off unless we took a cruise to Europe. But soon, anyone else who is not a fraidy cat will be able to propose at the Palace of Versailles.

As a history buff, I think this is all kinds of cool. Even if you are not a fan of history, just the sheer beauty of the palace should be enough to make you want to plan your marriage proposal there. After reading this article from the Huffington Post, I decided that a quick post about proposing at Versailles. Since the hotel won’t be opening for staying there until 2018, you have some time to plan for this one. If you are a lady reading this, start planting the seed to your boyfriend now and maybe by then it will sink in. 🙂

Admittedly, I’ve never been to Spain…no wait, that is an awesome song.  I have never been to France, so I don’t have any detailed ideas on how to put this proposal together.  I will say that you are in France, so do all the romantic things that come with being in France.  See the sights, get some falafel from a street cafe.  Take a million pictures.  The Eiffel Tower is just 30 minutes or so away.  Come to think of it, you are probably going to be there for more than a weekend.  You could lovingly torture her for an entire week with romantic “almost proposals” at many of the great French places.   Here are a couple of good articles of places to do some romantic things.  “My Love for Paris” “City of Love”  “10 Romantic Things to do in Paris…”

If you have the means to do it and the stones to fly there, I think this could be one of the best romantic and creative proposal ideas possible.  If you are looking to do this, or some other proposal in Paris, email me.  I would love to try to help with it.

If you haven’t already googled it, check out some of the beautiful pictures of the Palace of Versailles to get your creative juices flowing.

Palace-of-Versailles-France versailles-court versailles-mirrors versailles-palace

If you are going to propose at the Palace in Versailles, then you have some time to send a bouquet of flowers to her at work tomorrow. Or even better, how about and arrangement from Shari’s Berries? They are the best!

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