Romantic Resources

You can’t do it all on your own. While you may want to try, the fact of life is that you will need a little help from friends from time to time. The following lists are some recommended resources for you to use if you ever feel like you need some help planning and executing your creative proposal idea…or if you need some help getting her a little something special just because, for a birthday, or holiday. Come back anytime (bookmark this page) to avoid the endless rabbit hole that you can fall into blindly searching the web.

Floral Gifts

Floral gifts are great for ladies who don’t have allergies.  They also allow you to show off how big of a stud you are to her work friends.  She can get them on her desk and get attention all day long.

Gift Tree offers many types of fresh cut flowers with very fast deliveries. Their selection and quality is fantastic. I have used them for both flowers and other gifts as well. They get two thumbs up from me for their ease of navigation and clean site as well.

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If you are looking for something more than your standard cut flowers or peace lilies, a bonsai tree is a very unique gift for the plant lover.  I personally love them.  My wife bought me one this year for my new office and it was the perfect gift.  What makes them even more awesome is that you can try to find one that is as old as your relationship.  So if you have been dating for 7 years, you can find a bonsai that is that old.  It makes the gift that much more unique and later when your kids ask about the tree, you can say it is as old as your relationship is.  Click here to get free shipping on your order!

Wine Gifts
Wine and wine accessories are always great gifts to give for nearly any occasion.  Not only can you use the following resources for your creative proposal idea (picnics, romantic dinners, etc), but you can also come back here and check out any discounts they offer.  Sadly, not all states allow merchants to ship wine to them.  I live in Kentucky and the bourbon industry has liquor shipments to consumers on lock down.  Hopefully you live in a state where you can have a nice bottle of vino delivered to you.

Food Gifts

Food gifts are great because women love gifts and most everyone loves food.  Mix in some chocolate and you have a recipe for love success.  You almost can’t go wrong getting food gifts for someone unless they are allergic to it!

Nothing says love more than roses than chocolate does…unless maybe you are talking about chocolate covered fruit.  Shari’s Berries offers you the best of both worlds.  These aren’t your usual strawberries either.  They are huge!  If you’ve never given any of these as gifts before, you have to try them out.


Florists.comI truly love both giving and getting these bouquets as gifts.  They are delicious and fun. has delicious Gift Baskets, Chocolates, Fruits, Spa Gifts, Sweets, Treats, and more.  With these savings, why would pass up on giving a wonderful gift, Inc.Omaha Steaks are a great way to find a meal fit for a queen and have it delivered right to your door.  You will love it so much that you will go back and get meals for a year.  It takes the pain out of grocery shopping.


When you want to make a tasty meal for your lady, you can rely on the folks at the Chicago Steak Company.  The quality is amazing and the selection is everything you need for a romantic dinner.



Chocolate.orgHow cool is a chocolate puzzle?  It sure beats giving the same old box of mixed chocolates in a heart shaped box.  Plus, it helps sometimes if you spell it out for her.  🙂



While you can get Jelly Belly candies in almost any store in the country, you can’t get them customized just for you.  From the homepage of their site, you can scroll to the bottom and click on the My Jelly Belly image.  From there, you can make a customized box with up to two specialty flavors in it.  I played with this and added my own text, image, and flavors.  It is really cool and something you can do for any occasion, not just a proposal.

Sephra Home Chocolate Fondue & Fountain - Shop Now
For those special occasions where just buying a box of chocolates won’t do, you can always pick up a chocolate fountain or some other really fun chocolate items.  This is truly a great idea for Valentine’s Day.  Bekah and I made our own fondue meal this year instead of going to the normal fondue restaurant.  It was something new, fun, and a good change of pace.

Indulge in Hershey's!
It is no surprise that chocolate gifts show up several times in our list of great resources for special gifts to get your lady.  While Bekah would not be a huge fan of this gift, there are about a billion women who will.  Asre you kidding?  You can customize your own 5 pound Hershey’s chocolate bar.  Yes, I said 5 pounds!