Anatomy of a Date Day Outfit

The Dress:

The dress for a day date all depends on the activity.  Night dates are much easier because the little black dress is usually the most appropriate choice.  When the sun is up you have more choices.  If you are planning on a trip to the beach, then maybe a short sun dress is the way to go.  A longer maxi dress may be something more appropriate for a day at the track.  As with most things when you are shopping for your lady, you should start on Pinterest.  Many women have boards where they pin the latest fashion items they think are hot.  If she does not have Pinterest or there are no boards with clothing items, then you should refer to her closet for like items.  If you can’t tell the difference between a maxi dress and a maxi pad, then you really should pay more attention to women.  Beyond that, you should be reaching out to her friends for help.  Have her best friend pretend she needs a dress and ask your lady to go dress shopping with her.  She should be able to give you a good idea of what dresses were good for her.  If she is a good friend, she can probably talk her into trying some on so she can really tell you what looked the best on her.

The Shoes:

Daytime shoes are a bit easier to choose than nighttime shoes.  As much as I hate to say it because I can’t stand feet, you can almost get away with flip flops for many dresses you choose.  Of course simply getting a pair of rubber ones from a discount store won’t cut it.  You will have to get a more fancy pair than that; perhaps a pair with some sort of bling on them.  Again, if she uses something like Pinterest or Polyvore, you can check out those outfits to see what shoes she has already matched up with dresses she likes.  If you are lucky and these items are in season, you can knock out the entire outfit all at once.  If you are not lucky, then you are going to have to do it the hard way.  Use her friends, scope out her closet, etc.

The Purse:

A special purse for a day date is less necessary than a night date, but it can be important.  As an example; if you are taking her on an outdoor type of date, then maybe you should get her a backpack or some other type of bag.  If it is a day at the track or something a little more formal, then you might want to find something appropriate to the dress you are getting her.  Again, her friends can be invaluable here.  If you don’t use her friends, then you should certainly use yours.  You can as the ladies at work or any female friend you have that has similar tastes as your lady.  Be sure to fill it with stuff she will need before you give it to her.  If you are going to a day at the track, then you will want to put a small tube of sunscreen, her favorite chapstick, new sunglasses (see below), a love note, etc.


Since you are taking her out during the day, you should provide her with the appropriate protective items.  Ok, so that may be a little extreme sounding, but the point is that she is going to wear sunglasses one way or another, so you should get her a new pair that matches her outfit.  If you can afford it, then a snazzy pair of designer ones would be nice.  If not, then Target usually has a great selection of them, and you could probably get a couple of pairs at their prices.

The Good Stuff:

Ok, we have taken long enough to get to the panties.  I bet that is the first time you have ever heard that one.  This one is interesting because you don’t necessarily want to get something that you want to see her in and make her suffer uncomfortably all day in some scratchy, itchy contraptions.  You also never know if she is even going to bother wearing underwear.  The bra is a different story.  Most likely she will need that, and you will need to make sure that it not only matches the outfit you get for her, but it also has to work with it (no straps showing, etc).


All outfits need accessories.  The good news here is that you have already spent a boatload of money on the ring, so you can skimp a little here.  Most jewelry is fairly cheap if you don’t go buck wild with gemstones.  Just make sure she has something for her ears, neck, and possibly wrist.  You will get the ring finger taken care of later in the day.

What do you think about these tips for an outfit?  What did we miss?  Leave a comment below or email us and let us know.

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