Thanksgiving Marriage Proposal

We all see and hear the millions of things that people are thankful for every year.  Well, this is the year you get to show your lady how thankful for her you really are with a Thanksgiving Creative Proposal Idea.  Honestly, there are not a great deal of ways you can go with this one since you will probably be like every other couple in America trying to cram in two to twelve Thanksgiving dinners with your families while saving some room in your gut and time in your day to go hang out with old friends who are in town doing the same whirlwind turkey crawl as you.  I don’t really think this is the best plan for a ton of showmanship, but you can still have some fun with it.

There is the obvious way of doing it at dinner with your family around.  You can propose a toast as the meal starts or between courses.  I don’t really like this one because in my mind it is a bit selfish and takes away from the family day and puts the focus on the two of you.  Families don’t get together enough as it is and if your big day gets in the way of everyone else catching up on their lives, I would avoid it.  With that said, if you want to make a toast at dinner, go for it.  If you want to put the ring in some cake or a glass of wine, feel free.  Any number of the dinner marriage options are at your disposal.

thanksgiving marriage proposalSince I am not a huge fan of that one, let’s talk about some alternatives.  As I thought about options for this creative proposal idea, one thing that kept coming up in my mind was the fact that Thanksgiving is stressful.  There is no better way to ease her stress than to propose to her and make it the best day ever.  Let’s run through some of those scenarios.

Perhaps she is stressed because she can’t find something to wear.  She has destroyed the entire bedroom and the only things left hanging on clothes hangers are the jeans she will “fit in again someday”.  She is nearly in tears because she doesn’t have anything to wear.  You can tell her that you have just the thing for her.  Tell her it is in your closet, sock drawer, or wherever is best for the layout of your room and you will be right back with it.  Go to that place, put the ring in your hand while also holding some ridiculous piece of clothing that will make her mad.  As you get closer, you may have to convince her not to walk off and let you show her what you picked out for her to wear.  Plop down on one knee and tell her that she should wear this today and the rest of her life.  I am sure she will be able to find something that will match it.  Nobody will care what she is wearing the rest of the day as long as she is wearing that.

Maybe your girlfriend has volunteered to make a dish to bring and she is stressed about cooking.  You can take the stress away by proposing to her in the kitchen as she is preparing the dish…or the whole meal.  First of all, before you decide to do it this way, make sure you know what she is going to be making and have the recipe memorized so you can help with it.  You can also help her prepare the food.  Don’t worry, this will not lessen the stress too much, as she will probably be as worried with you in the kitchen as she would be if you were a ten year old.  You can feel this one out for the right time, but I would just recommend making sure to leave yourself plenty of time on the timer after you pop the question so the food does not burn if your proposal takes you into another room (nod nod wink wink).

Takeru KobayashiAnother stressful part of Thanksgiving is the stress of running around.  I started writing this on October 23rd of 2015 and as I continue to work on it on October 25th, Bekah and I were just approached by one side of our family to come to Thanksgiving at their house.  Because we do not own a helicopter or have a stomach like Takeru Kobayashi, we had to decline this particular trip because it takes us too far outside the other three stops we have to make that day.  Many couples like us have to make several stops on Thanksgiving to spend time with each of their families.  If your family is anything like mine, there always seems to be some sort of drama going on that causes friction or uneasiness.  This can create a nervousness on what to talk about because you never know what you might say to hurt someone’s feelings.  The best way to avoid this is to bring nothing but good news and positivity to the day.  Side note, we should all strive to be more positive all the time and focus less on the bad things in life and truly be thankful every day for what we have…and in many cases what we don’t have that keeps us striving to be better.  Sorry about the rant; back to business.  In order to avoid the nerves of what to talk about this Thanksgiving, you should wake up early, make her some coffee (or whatever morning drink / food will make her happy) and tell her that you are thankful for her this Thanksgiving and you would be even more thankful if she would spend every Thanksgiving from now to eternity with you.  Now the stress of the day should melt away as she will be distracted from stress every time she catches a reflection from her shiny new ring.

One of the things my Mom tried to start several years ago was to have a blank journal at the door on Thanksgiving that we all had to write what we were thankful for in.  We all found it goofy and were far too cool for it.  Perhaps we are like most people and have a hard time focusing on the positive when the negative energy of the world tends to overwhelm us.  Whatever the reason, it was not a tradition that really took hold.  You could start your own tradition similar to this one and use it to propose to your girlfriend.  Get a book, have everyone write what they are thankful for and after dinner, pass it around the table and have everyone read aloud the things they wrote in the book.  You should save the best for last (your proposal).  Your thankfulness should include your family, health, blah blah blah.  At the very end you can tell everyone what you are most thankful for this year and do your thing.  One other thought is to find a way to make her read what you wrote.  That would be a little tougher to pull off, but it is possible.

As you debate on how to make this the most thankful Thanksgiving of your life…at least until you have kids, send a bouquet of flowers to her at work tomorrow.  An arrangement from Shari’s Berries is even better?  Yummy!

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