Propose with a marching band

This creative proposal idea is for all those marching band nerds out there…or people who just want to be high above a flash mob. I was inspired to write this one as I watched Ridiculousness and one of the clips was of an Asian group doing some crazy synchronized walking. I remembered watching the video below and was certain that a marching band could pull a bunch of words off if they can make a stick figure kick a field goal.

What makes it even more cool after seeing this video is imagining all of the things they could do with the motion on the field instead of just making a static “Bekah, Will You Marry Me?” on the ground. But we will touch on that more in a minute. First, check out the video and get your creative proposal juices flowing.

Pretty awesome, right? Now picture yourself “dragging” your girlfriend to a football game in the middle of the winter. Hot chocolate and nachos will keep most non-sports fans content for a while. You only have to make her wait until halftime, so that is good for you. Just make sure she does not drink too much hot chocolate in the first half or else you may miss your grand proposal holding her purse outside the ladies room. As a side note, you should prepare for that contingency and take her to the rest room with 5 minutes left in the first half just to be safe. Tell her the lines are ridiculous if you wait and go at the break.

We just did that a little Pulp Fiction style, didn’t we? Let’s get back to the beginning. Since you don’t just get to enjoy the show like she does, you actually have to plan it. The first thing I would do is to think of where I would want the proposal to occur. Maybe you would want to do it at your old high school if you were sweethearts from back in the day? Perhaps you met in college and you want to revisit those stomping grounds? Whatever your story and where you want to do it, you will first want to reach out to the person in charge of the marching band to see if it is something they are interested in trying to pull off for you. They may have a national competition coming up and not have time to work on it. So it is important for you to have a ballpark date in mind. Get the school home game schedule in advance and have some possible dates ready for them. They should know if it is a homecoming game or something like that, but make sure to ask them about that just in case.

Unless you want to do something wild and crazy, working with them should be pretty straightforward. All you have to do is tell them how to spell her name and what you want them to say. I would imagine that you would want to use her first and last name in the beginning so she knows it is her they are “talking to”. Then have them move around and spell “Will you Marry me?” Or maybe you could have them say “Jerry has a question for you”, then “will you marry me?”. After that, maybe they will be able to create a “check yes or no” box on the field, or even better, maybe they could make a gigantic diamond ring.  Whatever you choose, it will be awesome.

Another consideration is the music. If there is some special song you want played, you will want to make sure they can do it. Otherwise you may end up with some sort of less than romantic pep song. This is definitely a discussion you want to have with the band coordinator because some songs may seem like they would be great, but are hard to do with a band. As an example, “All of Me” by John Legend is a fantastic song, but since it is mainly a piano, a big band may not do it justice. But something like “You Can Leave Your Hat On” by Joe Cocker can be done easily by a band and is not something that will take away from the on field performance.  Of course, then you can use it at the ceremony for the garter toss.  It will have double meaning for both of you.  As we talked about earlier, if you have the band create a “check yes or no” box on the field, you can have them play “Check Yes or No” by George Strait.

I do not know if there would be any monetary requirements for this creative proposal idea, but even if there is not, you may want to keep a donation to them in mind. Bands travel quite a bit and are always working on fundraisers. Even if you gave them $200 for their help, that is a lot of candy bars they don’t have to sell to meet their goals for that year. Just a thought.

One other consideration for this proposal idea is that you will certainly want to have it filmed. I am sure they film the games, but you may want to have someone there with a high quality camera who can make it something memorable and also turn the camera towards you when you get down on one knee. It will be even more awesome for them to catch the entire stadium go bananas when she says yes.  Of course, if you can get two people to film, then you will have it from multiple points of view.  If you do have it filmed, please share it with us.  We would love to embed the video in this post.

Do you want to try this creative proposal idea and want some tips to help you pull it off?  Email us and we will do what we can to help.

Lastly, while you are feeling romantic, show her just a fraction of how much you love her by sending a bouquet of flowers tomorrow.  You will be the biggest stud she knows.



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