Planetarium Marriage Proposal

Perhaps you have a lady who likes to stargaze or is like Leslie Winkle from The Big Bang Theory.  Maybe you picked her up using some sort of cheesy shooting star pick up line.  Either way, a planetarium marriage proposal is a way to get her under the stars without the risk of cloudy skies.  She will certainly never see this one coming.

A planetarium is a great place for a creative proposal because you can rent many of the domes out for a party or for just the two of you.  Make no mistake, this one may cost a little more than some of the other proposal ideas, but it won’t be the most expensive by any stretch of the imagination.

You can reach out to your local planetarium and ask them questions about these parties and if they offer them.  Some of them even advertise parties on their sites.  In doing some research to find out if it was even possible to customize a planetarium show, I came across this one at the University of Texas, Arlington.  Not only is it possible to customize the dome show, but they actually advertise for marriage proposals and offer dinner as well.

(Coming Soon) We are creating a US map with all the planetariums we could find on it.  If the planetarium has an event section on its site, we are linking directly to that section for you.  But before you get to that, let’s talk about how to pull this thing off.

Obviously the first thing you will do is contact the planetarium to find out what their event plans include and how custom you can make the show.  For example, you can certainly have them create a star field that says “Bekah WIll You Marry Me?”, but is it possible to create an entire presentation out of the dome?  Can they project pictures or just star fields?  Can the do something like in Star Wars with the scrolling text in front of a star field?  Sorry to get side tracked, but this is awesome.  You have to check it out…just make sure to come right back.

You will have plenty of options on how to create a romantic marriage proposal using a planetarium, but I see it going one of two ways.

First, if it were me, I would reserve the place and have a romantic dinner planned so when the show starts, they can make a sunset scene above our heads.  As the sun goes down I would have them play the soothing sounds of frogs and crickets as they brought us dinner.  As we ate our dinner I would have the stars come out and make it to where there was a shooting star come out every 30 seconds or so.  I think I would even have some music playing.  What A Wonderful World comes to mind right off hand.  After thinking about it, you can do several others.  Fishing in the Dark, Moon River, etc.  If you have any suggestions for romantic music, please leave it in the comments below.

After we ate our dinner and had dessert, I would arrange to be seated in more comfortable chairs so we could be more comfortable for the real show.  Once we got settled in and comfortable, they could start the show.  How you do it would be up to you.  I would want to start off with stars coming out of the sky and turning into pictures of each of us.  Perhaps a story told in the stars.  After that, I would have the stars align to say “Will you marry me” in the sky.  I might even “give her the moon” as a gift.  🙂

That is just how I would do it.  You can do it in all kinds of different ways.

Another option is to plan your marriage proposal at the planetarium as a group outing.  You would still reserve the whole place, but instead of being alone, invite your family and friends.  The two of you could show up “just in time” for the next showing.  All your family and friends would already be seated inside.  Since it is dark in there, she might not notice that she knows the other people sitting around.  Even if she does, it won’t be long until the show starts and she will really be on to you.  But trust me, she won’t mind at all.

You can put on  a similar show as I talked about before.  From what I read about several of the planetariums, you can even have a larger dinner party there for your family and friends.  If I were going to have family and friends involved, I would try to find a way to incorporate them in the show somehow.  Perhaps you could have pictures of each family come up on the screen in a chronological order.  You may also come up with a story to present on the screen as everyone watches.  I would make it some sort of star themed story.

Since you have already had dinner and probably dessert, you are limited on your options for stretching out this proposal.  But I am sure you made it a point to make the whole day leading up to your creative proposal special.  Breakfast in bed, taking her shopping, or taking her to do any of her other hobbies or interests during the day will keep her excited and primed for the eventual climax of the day.

Do you want to try this creative proposal idea and want some tips to help you pull it off? Email us and we will do what we can to help.

Lastly, while you are thinking of the stars she puts in your eyes, show her just a fraction of how much you love her by sending a bouquet of flowers tomorrow. You will be her supernova superstar.


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