Sidewalk Art Proposal

Here is another great idea for a creative proposal idea for a fair or other type of festival. It is also great for a lady who is a jogger or takes regular walks. If you are not an artist yourself, you probably have a friend who is and will help you draw it for a pizza or something. If that still isn’t an option, your buddy Google is right there for you, day and night. Another option is looking to your local college or high school for help. There are always artsy people there, and teachers have a knack of making them do stuff for extra credit…and you would get it for free.

The video below is a good way to do it and also can give you an idea of the work that goes into something other than simply writing out the words “Will you marry me” in sidewalk chalk. Not that doing that is any less great, this is all about creative proposal ideas. So put your thinking cap on for a few minutes and do what he did. Think of something she would find special and build a theme around that.

I really like the idea of having small hints along the walkway that she may not even understand at first, but the greater the distance she walks, the more personal the hints become so she knows these are directed at her. Side note, I can never figure out when to use further and farther. If you can help me remember with a catchy saying or something, let me know in the notes. End side note. Doing that is what makes this a great proposal idea for a runner or frequent walker. You could even go the extra mile (pun fully intended) and create a special playlist on her iPod so she hears special songs while running by your sidewalk art. Feeling lucky? You could even try to time the notes to be in sync with the music. If you pull that off, you will be a legend and I want that video to put right here.  [cryout-button-dark url=”#”]↓[/cryout-button-dark]

I think the video above outlines it pretty well, but for the sake of being thorough, let’s talk about it some more.

First:  Find an artist.  Depending on the size, number and complexity of your art, you may need a couple.

Second:  Pick a theme.  The guy above chose London.  you could do knock knock jokes. As long as it means something to her.  Actually, the Eiffel Tower is a good one.  Check out the end of the post for more ideas.

Third:  Plan her route.  If you are just making one big image, you just have to make sure she walks up to it from the correct angle / direction.  If it is one that can really only be seen properly from a certain viewpoint, you may need to make arrangements to have a camera set up at that point and a screen set up for her to see what is going on.  See what I mean here.  This is the same image from 2 viewpoints.  She may not get it if she is standing on it, but would if she could see herself standing on it from the right angle.

[cryout-multi][cryout-column width=”1/2″]
Sidewalk Art Proposal
↑ This is what you would see walking
up from where the camera is.
Pretty sweet. [/cryout-column]
[cryout-column width=”1/2″]Sidewalk Art Marriage Proposal↑ This is what you see when walking
from the other direction.  Note the
camera on the far side taking the
picture from the other viewpoint.[/cryout-column]

Fourth:  Plan a date and a time.  This is very important because you have to give the artist(s) time to get it done.  You also will need to make any arrangements with her walking / running partner if that is what you choose.  If you choose to do it at a festival, you will also need to talk to the organizers so they can tell you when you can start and if they can provide space in a specific area, etc.  You don’t want to draw a masterpiece and show up to find a funnel cake truck sitting on top of it.

Below are some ideas for you in creating a sidewalk art proposal for your girlfriend.  Hopefully they get your creative juices flowing.

1.  A romantic or exotic location.

Eiffel Tower Sidewalk Art Proposal







2.  A step above if you just do words.

Will You Marry Me Sidewalk Art







3.  A portrait of you on one knee proposing that she can stand in front / interact with…and you can join her for real.

Sidewalk Art Marriage Proposal







4.  Have a drawing of the ring given to her by a furry friend.

Sidewalk Art Creative Proposal







5.  A vision into your future with a picture of you and her at the altar.  I know it is a stretch from this image, but you have to be creative.

Marriage Proposal Future










6.  Have a character help you out.  This could be anyone so be creative.  How about Daryl from The Walking Dead?  The question is, would she be marrying you or him?

Character Proposal Helper









Here is a list of even more sidewalk art that may trip your trigger for a genius idea.  It also gives you information on some of the most famous artists.  You can look to see if one is in your area or maybe even see if they can help you.

Let us know what you think of this idea or if you want to try and pull it off and need a hand. You know the drill, just email us.

Before you go, you don’t have to wait for the proposal to make her feel like a queen.  Send a bouquet of flowers to her office just because.  She will love them…and you.

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