Horseback Riding Proposal

Do you have yourself a country girl?  Maybe she is an uptown girl but riding horses has always been on her bucket list.  Either way, a romantic horseback ride is a very creative proposal idea.  If I actually liked horses (I am not a fan of trying to tame an animal that can kick me in the junk that hard), I might have done this proposal for Bekah.  She likes to ride but has not been in a very long time.  If you are more comfortable hanging around an animal that could possibly make you feel very inadequate at any moment and are not bothered by the fact they could stomp you out at any given second, then you are in good shape here.

Obviously you do not want to just go out riding some horses together and try to propose whilst being jostled around.  You especially don’t want old Silver deciding to giddy up if your lady gets so excited she screams yes when you pop the question.  As with all of our proposals, you will want to make more of an event out of it than that.

First things first…you have to have some horses to actually ride.  If you have horses of your own, then that is perfect and this will be that much easier for you.  If not, you are going to have to work a little harder and do some planning, but the extra work will not go unnoticed by your lady.  I am going to use my life as an example of how to do this if you do not have horses of your own to ride and you do not know anyone else who does.  The basic principles of the rest of the day will still apply; the names and places will just be different for you.

So if I were going Horseback Riding Proposalto plan a horseback riding proposal for Bekah, the first thing I would do is call Mammoth Cave Adventures and talk to them about my idea and ask them if they would be willing to work with me.  Assuming they would, this is my plan.  I would recruit our friends to help us.  I am luck and my good friend is a photographer and we go to Mammoth Cave at least once a year as couples kayaking.  This is even better because it would not seem out of the ordinary for us to do.  I would ask Maggie to take her camera with her so she could capture the moment if possible.  If she could not catch the moment, at least she could capture memories of the day.

I would ask MC Adventures if they would be willing to help me pick out a special location that is secluded that we could stop our ride and have a picnic.  Once we found a location, I would ask them to have a guide ride out ahead of us with the picnic materials and set them up.  If I needed to have another friend get there ahead of us to do this with them, I would do that.  The picnic setup would be something fairly simple.  A bottle of wine, a couple of glasses and something light to eat.  There would need to be a blanket set up with the cooler of food on it.  If you wanted to get real fancy you could have some flower petals on it as well, but I would not recommend that unless you are sure there will be no wind at all.  Otherwise your petals will be scattered like a fart in the wind.  You could do like the picture to the left and use long stem roses (any flower will do).  It will add to the romance level.

You can choose to get off the horses just before the picnic place is in sight and walk them to it, or you can ride all the way up on it.  I would choose to walk so Maggie could ride ahead get some good pictures of us walking with the horses.  She would also be able to get pictures of Bekah’s face when she started to figure it out and hopefully the actual proposal.  I highly doubt the picnic would be much more than a few bites of whatever you packed and a nice glass of wine together.  I would just ask my friends and the guide to give us 10 minutes or so to hang out and then come back to finish the ride.

After the proposal is finished and we put the horses up, I am sure we would all go get something to eat (as is customary after our kayak trips).  The drive home is about 45 minutes or so.  Once we got home, I would let her call whoever she wanted to call and we would most likely need to visit her family to show off the ring.  While she was doing that, I would take a shower and start to get ready for the second part of the day.

Neil Lane Engagement Rings - Jared The Galleria of Jewelry
For the second part of our date, I would have already made reservations at a nice restaurant.  I would have already bought a nice outfit for her to wear that night.  You can read all about how to pick out a date night outfit here.  As you are getting ready to shower, you should slip the new box of goodies on the bed so she can see it when she finally gets off the phone.

Hopefully she has seen the dress and barges into the bathroom while you are showering to properly thank you.  🙂  From here on out, the night is all up to you.  It does not have to stop at the dinner.  I would reserve a carriage tour afterwards to carry on with the horse theme.

Lastly, instead of driving the 35 minutes home (at this point, we would have been on the road for 2 hours total for the day), I would have a room reserved in one of the nice hotels where our carriage ride would drop us off.  Lucky for me, the hotel I would reserve would also be where the restaurant is…and where I parked…and where the carriage ride would have picked us up.  All I would have to do is walk in and go up to the reservations desk.  She will be so excited that she may do a backflip.

Do you want to try this creative proposal idea and want some tips to help you pull it off? Email us and we will do what we can to help.

Lastly, while you are feeling romantic, show her just a fraction of how much you love her by sending her a bouquet of flowers tomorrow. You will be the biggest stud she knows.


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