Decorate Your House Proposal

Introverts need to propose too, right. Well here is a great creative proposal idea for those of us introverted folks who want to do something out of the ordinary, but without stepping too far out of our comfort zone. Why not tell her you love her by pasting it all over the walls of your home? This is probably one of the easiest creative proposal ideas to pull off because you can do it with very little assistance and it does not require near as much planning (at least planning that could go wrong) as many of the other proposals do. It can also be one of the most romantic proposal ideas there are.

The best way to get started is to head over to Style and Apply to get some fantastic wall art that you can use to make your proposal. They provide high quality, removable wall tattoos that you can put up all over the house to show her how much you love her. When you are checking out, you can use code PROPOSAL to save 15% on your entire order. I bet she will love the wall art so much that she will want to know where you got it so she can totally redecorate your home with it.

We had the great folks over at Style and Apply make a couple of “Will you Marry Me” banners just for our readers. They already had a great “Love” section, but we thought it would be great to add to it so you can use their signs to propose. I recommend you use more than just the proposal art. Here is how I would plan this proposal if I were in your shoes.

marriage proposal wall sign

First things first; pick out a date. The great thing about doing a romantic marriage proposal at home is that you can do it any day of the week. This is awesome because you won’t run into near as many scheduling issues and you also can really surprise her. What lady thinks she is going to get proposed to on a Tuesday night? Just make sure you don’t plan it on a night when she wants to watch her favorite show. I was once “shushed” because Teen Mom was on…yes, that happened. When you propose to her, you will certainly want to have her undivided attention.

Start looking around for some ways you can have the most romantic evening of all time. Here are the standard options. Food, wine, candles, bath stuff, and massage stuff. Of course you will need the stickers as well, but we will touch on those in a minute. Oh yeah, don’t forget the ring!

Food is not only the way to the heart of a man, but also a woman. If you are a great cook, you can certainly prepare a big dinner for her. If you are a bad cook or you are like me, and a very messy cook, you may want to think about getting something that is already made for you and you just have to use one or two pans to prepare. This will make the day less stressful for you and her both. If you are going formal, then you might want to try steak or lobster. If you are going a bit more casual, then perhaps something really tasty, but familiar is better. Either way, the less that can go wrong, the better.

Wine is something most women love. There are so many choices I am not sure where to start. One thing you could do is get a wine gift basket for her (send it to her work as an added touch and teaser). If you know her favorite wine, then by all means head to the store and pick up a bottle. If you want to brave it and know her favorite type of wine, but want to buy a nicer bottle of it than she usually gets, I think that is a great idea. I would still have a bottle of her favorite ready as a backup. If you are going for a more casual night, some fancy beer may do the trick. And there is always just the regular drink options. If she has a favorite drink, then that should be your go to. Even if it is something like Tang, it is all about her.

romantic proposal with candlesCandles always set the mood just right. Again, for a formal dinner, you should set up a nice candle stick (or two, or three…) on the table for your dinner. I would also set up a bunch of candles in the bedroom so when you are ready to head up there to actually propose, there is a nice mood set in there. You can even have candles going down the hallway or up the stairs if you have them. Just make sure not to burn the house down. If you are staying less than formal, then you will still want candles burning, but you can use any type of candle you want. One word of caution; while many formal candles are unscented, be wary of others that have a scent. You do not want to create a noxious mix of lilac, coconut, melon, and cinnamon that ends up smelling like a burning hummingbird fart. Nothing says marry me like a migraine.

Now is a great time to talk about the decorations for the actual proposal. Of course you will want the “Will you marry me” tattoo for the wall above your bed, but if I were you I would also use some of the other tattoos leading to the bedroom. Some of the more simple love ones will do. Perhaps you can tell a short story with them as you walk her back to the bedroom.

romantic proposal massageBath and massage items can be used to put the icing on the romance cake at the end of the night. You can run her a nice bath with some salts in it and even bathe her. Again, you can have many candles set up in the bathroom to keep the mood romantic and the lights low.

Once she is bathed and smelling like a million bucks, you can give her a warm towel (put a couple of your largest and softest towels in the dryer when you start running her bathwater). Take her back in the bedroom where you have another warm towel or a heating blanket if possible spread out for her to lay on. Hopefully the candles are still lit from when you proposed just a little while ago. Tell her to relax and then give her a nice massage. We are not talking deep tissue here, just some nice touching all over. You can even use some fancy massage oils to make her skin super soft.

Everything we just discussed is for the actual night of the proposal, but there is more prep that goes into it than just that. First, clean the house a day or two before. If this is unusual for you, shame on you, but you can tell her that you are stressed and just feel like cleaning for some reason. Make sure the place is spotless. Change the sheets, scrub the tub, etc. You really want to do a deep cleaning. You don’t want her sitting in the tub staring at the spider web under the toilet. Hopefully the dim candle lighting will hide it, but you should be cleaning your house anyway.

Obviously you will want to have all the food for the evening either ordered or bought beforehand. You should also have already arranged to send her flowers the morning of, unless you are sending her the wine basket; in which case that needs to be set up for delivery. When she calls to thank you, tell her you want to have an at home date night with her that evening. Tell her you are going to get a movie and they can snuggle and watch it together.

You will have her excited all day and she hopefully won’t have a clue that her night is going to be 100 times better than she ever thought it could be when she woke up that morning.

Do you want to try this creative proposal idea and want some help getting it set up? Email us and we will do what we can to help.

Lastly, while you are feeling romantic, show her take just a minute to tell her and send her a bouquet of flowers tomorrow. Her coworkers will be jealous of her all day.


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