Jewelry Store Proposal

Here is a good creative proposal idea that will really catch her off guard. Like most, this one will require some research and a little planning, but it is pretty easy if the jeweler is game to help. So here is what you can do.

Figure out what kind of ring she would like. This is actually the hardest part in some cases but it can be done. You have options though. First of all, Pinterest is the greatest female spying tool of all time. Look at her Pinterest boards and see if she has posted anything. If you don’t have Pinterest, I suggest you get it. For more on this, check out that blog post here.

If she is one of the six women on the planet that don’t use Pinterest, you can enlist the help of her friends.  Ask them to talk to her about what rings she likes.  You can have one of them take her shopping and just happen to swing into a jewelry store to look at something.  While they are in there, they can just peek at the rings and girl talk about what ones they like.

Either way, you just shouldn’t go look at rings with her.  That is part of the surprise.

Once you nail down a shape and style that she likes, then go to your jeweler of choice and sit down with them to see if they would be willing to help you propose to her.  I had Bekah’s engagement ring custom made.  It was pretty obvious she liked the cushion cut with the halo around it.  So I sat down with the jeweler and gave him my budget.  He had a handy dandy computer program that created the ring I thought she would want and we saved it.  I asked him to get me some options of stones to choose from so that I could look at them and then give her the final pick.  He ordered 5 or 6 stones and I culled them down to three choices.  Funny enough, I almost culled it to two, but didn’t want her to only have two options so I left one in just for fun that I was not a fan of.  As it turned out, that is the one she picked.  You just never know.  I also had a couple of band options for her to look at.  Once she picked them out, we pulled up the computer program and she finished the design of her wedding bands so it would look the way she wanted it to after we got married.

Enough about my story, back to you.  If you are not getting something custom made, just ask your jeweler if he would be willing to get 12 or so rings in your price range that you think she would like (preferable in her size…To figure out her size on the down low, you can try to get her friend to have her get measured while they are shopping or you can swipe one of her rings and measure it).  If they will do it for you, then ask them if you can get a small case dedicated to just those rings on the day you are going to take her shopping.  I am sure they would be able to do that for you.  If not, find one that will.

On the day you are ready to propose, take her to an afternoon movie or something relatively normal.  After the movie you can say you want to go eat or whatever you need to say to get her to go with you in the direction of the store.  Take her in and say you want to get some ideas of rings that she likes for someday.

Go to your designated case (coordinate this beforehand) and let her look at those rings only.  If the jeweler will do it, try to have them remove all the pricing from the rings or make them say something ridiculous like a million dollars.  You should also try to coordinate the payment method beforehand with the jeweler.

Here is the tricky part.  If she does not fall in love with any of the rings, then you probably don’t want to pull the trigger.  You will have to play it by feel.  If she does fall in love with one of them, then BOOM.  Get down on one knee and do your thing.

If she says yes, tell the jeweler that you want that one and leave.  If you took care of the payment up front, this will be a lot easier to do.  She won’t know how much it cost and can immediately start to enjoy it.

Take her to a nice dinner and celebrate!

Of course if you really want to make a splash and you have more money than you know what to do with; you can always do it like this…

What do you think about this creative proposal idea?  Email us if you have any questions or want some Bro Tips on pulling it off.



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