Biltmore Marriage Proposal

If you are looking for a creative place to propose without all the crowds of an amusement park or other busy attractions, then The Biltmore Estate is a wonderful place to go for it.  It has all the luxury of a big city hotel with gorgeous views of the North Carolina mountains.  If that was not enough, there are beautiful gardens on the property along with stunning decorations if you happen to visit at the right time of year.  It can be a great place you visit every year for your anniversary to rekindle the engagement flames.  You can even get married there if you would like to have a very unique ceremonial setting.

Getting engaged at the Biltmore should be one of the easiest creative marriage proposals we have.  You can work with their staff on making your proposal super special.  The possibilities are nearly endless.  Instead of coming up with a theoretical plan for the day, I am going to list out as many suggestions for possible proposal scenarios as I can think of right off hand.

My first thought would be to reserve a whole large room with a giant table in it like in the Micheal Keaton Batman movie.  The table could be all decked out and you could have a couple of servers wait on you like royalty.  You could be in the room all by yourself sitting a mile apart and as the awkwardness reaches a high point, all of your family and friends (who you already invited) are escorted in the room and sit at the table.  You could propose a toast and walk down to her end of the table to get down on one knee.  Then let the champagne flow.  Of course you have to get someone to open it with a sword.

My second thought would be to set up an empty room for you dance together in.  The reason I say this is because I am a terrible dancer and would never try to do any kind of dancing in public.  I would also be lying if I told you I was not inspired by the video below.  I love that song and think it would be cool to be able to dance, but alas, I must live vicariously through you.  I am not sure if I would have a bathtub in the room, but I would certainly have music playing and all that good stuff.  It may seem weird to have a room all to yourself, but think about Rocky in the first movie when he takes Adrienne ice skating.

If you are like me and can’t dance, maybe you could arrange dance lessons in your giant ballroom.  Then she might expect a proposal less than if you were on your own.  That actually would be fun.  Let’s think. You could have follow the instructions on a date night outfit and have the staff put your and her outfits behind some of those Asian changing walls where the two of you can change (thus keeping it a secret) before your dance lessons.  You will be in a tux or suit and she will be in a nice dress.  The two of you can have your dance lessons and the instructor can leave you two alone to practice your steps and you can do your thing.  That would be awesome.

I am a sucker for nature, so the gardens on the grounds (download the gardens map) would also be a wonderful place for you to propose. It would require a lot less set up and money.  I don’t think you would really need to do anything extra beyond simply proposing.  You can use the grounds and amenities to your advantage.  There are so many beautiful places on the estate, you may have a hard time actually finding just one that you want to propose in.  Of course, you could always have a wonderful picnic with your love.  This may be another place you can enlist the help of the staff.  You could ask them if they could set up a picnic for you; complete with blanket, food, wine, maybe even music.

biltmore wine tastingIf wine is your thing, then the Biltmore is the place for you…and your lady.  There are several options for you to choose from for wine tastings.  You can tour the grounds or taste while on the rooftop.  No matter what you choose, the wines are wonderful and the atmosphere is even better.  Plus you will have the love of your life with you.  If you can ask for more, then you are just plain crazy.

All in all, The Biltmore Estate is one of the best places in the east for you to make a special day for your lady.  It can become something that you both will treasure for the rest of your lives.  If you would like to make The Biltmore Estate the destination for your creative proposal idea, let us know.  If there is anything we can do to help, we will do our best to make your wish (and hers) come true.

While you are thinking of the right time to plan your trip, send her a bouquet of flowers to her work. Or even better, how about some Shari’s Berries? Yummy!

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